Terms & Conditions of Sale

General terms & conditions

The agreements on the sale and terms and conditions of the sale may be diverse, however, only agreements confirmed in writing will apply.

Conclusion of the contract

A written contract is binding for the customer. A contract can be concluded in Slovenian.

Storage of the contract

All contracts are archived at Venka Vojo d.o.o., Vojkovo nabrežje 23, 6000 Koper. Should a customer require a copy of their contract, it can be obtained at the previously mentioned location.

Delivery time

The regular delivery time is 14 days or as specified at a specific product. If goods are delivered or if the client is informed that the goods were prepared for a personal pick up within this time frame, our obligations to the customer are considered fulfilled. In case the customer requests a different delivery time, this should be agreed upon in writing. The delivery time shall be expanded appropriately in case of greater force and state of emergency which we can not control, or in cases when we can prove that our suppliers failed to deliver the goods. Should the delivery time be longer than two months, the customer can withdraw the order. The customer is entitled to a claim for compensation only if the mistake is on our part. We are obliged to inform the customer immediately in case of extended delivery times. If we can not deliver the goods, we are obliged to return the money to the customer immediately. Delivery lasts only until the stocks run out. We reserve the right to decline an order in case the customer does not fulfil their obligations.

Prices and payments

All prices include VAT. In case the order of the delivery lasts more than 1 month after the written agreement, the current price will apply, unless agreed otherwise in writing. If the price changes between order and delivery, we are entitled to change the prices. Payments can be made by invoice or on delivery. In case of payment on delivery, the Post of Slovenia charges an extra fee for the transfer via the UPN payment order according to their current price list, which can be found at http://posta.si/seznam-dokumentov/799/Informativni-ceniki (this part of the website is only available in Slovene; open the file “cenik ostalih storitev” and search for “Vplačilo obrazca UPN”).

Meaning of Total price

Total price is the price with the online discount, available to our registered users. This price includes VAT. If you are not our registered user yet, you can register now. Sign up to make your purchase cheaper!

Validity of the offer on our website

The offer is valid until the publication of a new price of the item or until the stocks run out.
Right of withdrawal from the contract in accordance with Article 43 of the Consumer Safety Act (ZVPot)
The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without having to provide a reason for their decision. The message is considered on time if it was sent within the deadline. In case of a regular withdrawal from the contract, any payments made by the costumer will be returned as soon as possible, within 30 days after the notification of the withdrawal. The only expense a consumer is obliged to pay when withdrawing from the contract is the expense of returning the goods. If the consumer has already received the money or goods before withdrawing from the contract, they must return it to the company within 30 days of informing about the withdrawal. Returning the goods within the deadline for the withdrawal of the contract is also considered as informing of a withdrawal from the contract. The received goods must be returned undamaged and complete, unless it was not the consumer s fault that it was damaged, broken, lost or its amount lessened.

Failure to comply with the obligations and the cancellation of the contract.

If the customer doesn t fulfil their obligations and doesn t pay due to the payment day, we are justified to do the following deliveries only on the base of pre-payment. Every sent formal notice is charged €4 incl. VAT.

Status of proprietary rights

The delivered items remain in our property until all the receipts are paid.

Transport damage

Please check the received items immediately after delivery in order to see if they are damaged. If the package is damaged from the outside, immediately write a record and send a reclamation to the delivery service after you sign the take of the product. If the package is intact, but the items in it are damaged, also write a record. In both cases also inform us about the damaged items. If you have written a record, we will send you new items immediately.

The cost of inaccurate deliveries.

In case of a wrong delivery or a justified reclamation of quality we pay the costs of the normal transport of the returned items. We are not responsible for paying express deliveries.

Variation in quality

Small faults, which can occur during the sale, like variation in quality, colour, shape, weight, design, and are technically unavoidable, are not a reason for a refund.

Court of competent jurisdiction

The Court in Koper has jurisdictions for all disputes.
The company is not a member of any codes


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Registration number from the Business register of Slovenia: 3626881000


These Terms & Conditions and our activity are valid under the law of the Republic of Slovenia.


Search for items in the online shop and add them to cart. Proceed the purchase by clicking “Cart” in four steps:

Step 1: choose/enter the quantity of items and any possible notes about the order and click “Checkout”.
Step 2: choose the possibility of making an order or creating an invoice
Step 3: check the content of your order/invoice. In case that you would like to change order, please click the icon “Back to items”, where you can delete items from your cart or add them through search of the items. Should you want to cancel the order, click on the icon “Cancel” which will empty your cart.
Order confirmation: by clicking the button “Confirm order” you will submit the order!
Step 4: oversee the summary of the bought/invoice.

Payment Implementation process


An e-mail containing an informative invoice will be sent to you automatically with the list of ordered products. The actual invoice, created based on the real quantity of the products will then be sent to you within the next day. You will be informed in writing or personally if a product you ordered is out of stock. The time for shipping starts the working day after receiving the confirmation of the payment. If the payment is not made within 3 days, the contract will be treated as reversed.
The ordered package will be delivered to your address within three working days of our receiving the confirmation of the payment.

On delivery

An order confirmation will be automatically sent to your email address. You will be informed in writing or in person if an ordered product is out of stock. The products will be delivered to your address within three working days of the order.


Delivery can be made through the Post of Slovenia or a courier.
The cost of the delivery is calculated according to the weight of the package.


What you can change and return?
Please check the items before installation. Later reclamations will not be taken into account. Descriptions and dimensions of the products are only meant as guidelines. We are not responsible for possible deviations.

How to replace items

If you want to replace the items, please follow the instructions listed below:

Pack the items that you want to return.
Add a copy of the receipt.
Please send the items to:
Venka Vojo d.o.o.
Vojkovo nabrežje 23, 6000 Koper,
It is better to use a delivery service with package tracking, because we are not responsible for lost packages. To make a new order, please call us.

How to return items

Please follow these instructions
Pack the item you want to return.
Add a copy of the receipt.
Please send the items to: Venka Vojo d.o.o. Vojkovo nabrežje 23, 6000 Koper, Slovenija
It is best to use a delivery service with package tracking, as we are not responsible for any lost packages.

Exclusion of liability

The Venka Vojo website is maintained to the highest possible level of care. However, the company Venka Vojo d.o.o. does not guarantee the currency, accuracy or reliability of any information on the site. All information on website is subject to change without notice and are of informative purpose.