It could appear a modern fashion, born in the active American cities, but, on the contrary, its birth dates back to the nineteenth century and to the enormous success of the cafés that had arisen in the main Italian cities. An ancient and healthy habit, in particular, if you choose to drink a tasty and […]

In the collective imagination, rum is the drink of pirates and privateers in the Caribbean Rum is a liqueur obtained from the fermentation and distillation of sugar cane or molasses, a derivative of sugar processing. This liqueur is the basis of some famous cocktails and is produced mainly in the Caribbean and Latin American countries. […]

Visiting a Scotch Whiskey Distillery has an unparalleled appeal. Time has apparently stopped a century ago, the distillery buildings themselves make us believe. The whole production process seems to want to respect a sort of ritual that takes its origins in a past whose traces have been lost. And nobody assumes the risk of varying […]

“If we talk about gin we need to talk about a story of courage, love, suffering and calamity. If we talk about gin we talk about a history of medicine, politics and society, and of innovation, fashions and brilliant intuitions. The history of gin is not a story like any other … It is like […]