Mezcal San Cosme

Mezcal San Cosme

A magical story surrounds Mezcal San Cosme, from its origins in the beautiful Mexican state of Oaxaca to the experience of tasting its unforgettable exotic flavor.

Mezcal is a unique spirit and its taste and craftsmanship preserve Mexico’s precolonial tradition. This is a delicious beverage that has shared its story with the country for more than twenty-four centuries.

The careful harvest of agave crops and the sweet aromas that arise when this elegant cactus is fermented in wood-fired boilers are but a few of the elements involved in the age-old craft of mezcal production.

This is a beverage that reflects the exoticness of a culture with mythical origins, which condenses fascinating and complex history of religion, politics, astronomy and philosophy.

Format: 70 cl
Alcohol content: 40%