Gorki List

Gorki List

The Gorki List product story is a story of great consistency in maintaining the highest quality.

The Gorki List recipe is a carefully kept secret. A team of top technologists make sure every drop of Gorki List is the same in quality and taste, a drink that lovers have been loving for more than half a century. The unique taste of this aromatic liqueur was adopted in 1961 and has remained unchanged ever since.

It is made from plant extracts of carefully selected herbs. Gorki List is a bitter liqueur containing a unique combination of extracts from 27 types of medicinal plants.

The authentic taste of this herbal liqueur is the perfect harmony of opposites, the unique harmony of bitter and sweet. This harmony is especially evident when drunk with a slice of lemon or orange. Medicinal herbs in the composition of Gorki List contribute to the digestive organs and promote the digestive process.

Format: 70 cl and 100 cl
Alcohol content: 28%