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Venka Vojo d.o.o. is not just a distribution company because there is a common thread that connects us with our producers, specialized customers and consumers. We are driven by new experiences, knowledge about products, experimentation and storytelling.

In our offers you can find carefully selected products for which we are exclusive distributors and represent a set of values ​​and a specific range of emotions.
They represent the community of enthusiasts who enjoy experimentation, want to learn more, respect and explore the art of top bartending and live for storytelling.

Those stories that the producer gives us and tell them to our customers and to all enthusiasts who are looking for emotions during the tasting and not just the product. They relieve an unforgettable experience and not just a simple moment.

We spend a lot of time and resources on bacman training on the spot. Education, which we carry out with our sales professionals and brand ambassadors. It is precisely training and culture that are the weapons that can make barmans stand out from their colleagues and can fully meet the needs of their consumers. Venka Vojo, through various promotional activities, provides knowledge and research through a constant study of the sales market.

Our distribution is very widespread across the territory as well as accurate, we pay great attention to timeliness and accuracy. Thanks to our revolutionary way of working we can also satisfy small orders, without delay and with precision. Our customer relationship is always straightforward, that way we can meet all needs and adjust delivery and quantity.

Our company is experienced in


we offer large consumption products to the best price on the market. We work with a wide variety of codes and articles, and buy full trucks of goods, so that quantities help us contain prices. We offer branded and unbranded products for home and body care, as much as food, beverages and spirits.
We know the market and accompany suppliers and clients in the difficult intersection of supply and demand and we find the best product to the best price, following the simplest and easiest way. We are reliable and have excellent relations with our suppliers and clients.

Advisory services and assistance

in opening markets and improving the portfolio of our clients; we act also sometimes as agents for our mandatories, to preserve the privacy of negotiation and however guarantee the commercial result;

Exclusive distribution

of high quality manufactured goods, produced in different countries, covering the sectors we deal with. We offer good quality products for a very fair price, so helping our suppliers to broaden their market and offering consumers “value for money”.


We work in different European countries and worldwide.
We have considerable experience in various fields which characterize us. Those of excellence are:


Experts in the field. We can satisfy all your needs; we can purchase and sell any type of good for high consumption;

Food & Beverages
Home and body care

Assured and punctual service. We follow every phase of deliveries worldwide. We have our own logistics and operate also through partners, to complete the circle;


You can count on us. We are experts in what we offer;


For all needs. We operate in a very broad market and can assist entrepreneurs in finding tailored-suit solutions for their own business;


No limit. We work in EU and extra EU countries.