We operate in many different European countries as well as worldwide!

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We offer branded and unbranded products for home and body care, as much as food, beverages and spirits.

We know the market and accompany suppliers and clients in the difficult intersection of supply and demand and we find the best product to the best price, following the simplest and easiest way.

We are reliable and have excellent relations with our suppliers and clients.

How Can We Help You?


Assured and punctual service

We follow every phase of deliveries worldwide. We have our own logistics and operate also through partners, to complete the circle.


You can count on us

We are experts in what we offer.


For all needs

We operate in a very broad market and can assist entrepreneurs in finding tailored-suit solutions for their own business.


Experts in the field

We can satisfy all your needs; we can purchase and sell any type of good for high consumption.


No borders

We work in EU and extra EU countries...

Our Exclusive Brands

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